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nce upon a time, in the Jenggala Kingdom, lived a famous king named Raden Putra. The King had a beautiful and kind wife as his queen. He also had a beautiful second wife. The second wife was very jealous and hate the queen. She wanted to get rid of the Queen. She palnned to pretend that she was very ill so Raden Putra would be sad.
The second wife summoned a medicine man. She told the medicine man said to the King, “Your second wife is very ill because of the Queen is jealous because Your highness loves your second wife more dearly”.
Raden Putra was very angry. He summoned the Vice Regent and ordered him to take the Queen to the jungle to be killed even though he knew that the Queen was pregnant.
Luckily, the Vice-Regent was a wise man. He did not believe that the Queen Could do such an evil thing.
He took the Queen deep into the jungle, but did not kill her. He made a small hut for the Queen.
“Thank you very much, my dear friend. You are a wise man. I will give birth to a baby boy. I will take care of him and bring him up in this jungle. I hope someday he will meet his father.”
What the Queen said became a fact. She gave birth to a handsome baby boy. She named him Cindelaras.
Cindelaras grew up into a healthy and clever boy. He made friends with the animals in the jungle and he understood animal languages.
One day he was taking a walk in the jungle. Suddenly a large eagle flew towards him and dropped something white near him.
“Ooh... it is a chicken egg,” said Cindelaras.
Cindelaras asked a snake to brood the egg. The snake agreed. Several days later, the egg hatched.
“Wow... it is a cock!” exclaimed Cindelaras.
The cock grew up very fast. It’is body was strong and firm. Every time he crowed, it said this: “Kukuruyuuuuuuuk..... ast the cock of Cindelaras His hut is in the middle of the jungle its roof is of dry palm leaves His father is Raden Putra.”
Cindelaras was curious when he heard the crowing of his cock. He asked his mother what it meant. His mother said, “That is right, ypur father is Raden Putra.”
“Then am I the son of the King, Mom?”
“That’s right, my son.”
“Imust look for my father.”
“That is impossible, Son.”
“I’ll find a way, Mom.”
Cindelaras wanted to pit his cock. He challenged every cock that belonged to the village people. All of them were defeated because his cock was very strong.
Cindelaras became famous because of this cock. The news about the superiority of his cock was heard by the King. Raden Putra who liked to pit a cock said,” I want to challenge that kid’s cock.”
Cindelaras and his cock were taken to Raden Putra.
“Hmmmm.... are you the owner of the cock?”
“That is right, Your Highness!”
“My cock will certainly defeat your cock!”
Cindelaras answered,”Let us pit them. What would be the wager, Your Highness?”
“What do you think it should be?”
“l have nothong. My wager is my neck. If I lose, you may cut my neck off. But if I win, you have to be willing to give me half of your Kingdom.”
“Agreed!” said the King, admired by Cindelaras’s courage. The fight soon began. Cindelaras’cock defeated Raden Putra’s cock quickly. Raden Putra looked at Cindelaras for a while and said, “I have lost. I will give half of my kingdom to you. But, please tell me, who are you really?”
Cindelaras whispered something to the cock’s ear. Immediately, the cock erected his neck and then crowed on and  on :
“Kukuruyuuuuuk.... as the cock of Cindelaras
His hut is in the middle of the jungle
Its roof is of dry palm leaves
His father is Raden Putra.”
Raden Putra was shocked when he heard the crow of the cock. Cindelaras said, “Your Highness heard it yourself, my name is Cindelaras. My mother is the queen of this Kingdom. My father is.... you.”
“Thus.... you are my son? How is thet possible?”
The Vice-Regent stepped forward and told him all that had happened.
Raden Putra cried and hugged Cindelaras, saying, “Oh... forgive me.... forgive me... my son! How is your mother?”
“Mother is well. She does not hate you, Father,” answered Cindelaras.
“l am going to pick up your mother now.”
Raden Putra went to the jungle to pick up the Queen and bring her to the palace. Since  that time, the King lived happily with the Queen and their son.
The second wife and her bad friends were punished.

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